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The Museum is what you can call a laboratory for experimenting and producing art. Since our beginnings, our purpose is to give the actors of the art scene and the art history, the opportunity to join, exchange, share and present their creations to the public, in the most appropriate and amazing place.

Throughout history, art has been a means of analyzing, expressing itself, communicating and evolving, through the use of shapes, colors, writing, but also the tools that have evolved with our civilization. This has enabled the production of incredible works that we propose you to discover.

Join us in this artistic journey.

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  • - Special Event :
  • Architectures and Curves
  • Through 31 December 2021
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  • - Special Event :
  • The Art of Henna
  • Through 31 December 2021
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  • - Special Event :
  • Mona Lisa's Mysteries
  • Through 31 December 2021
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  • - Special Event :
  • Beautiful Gardens
  • Through 31 December 2021
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Latest News


Ecological Awareness

For the fourth consecutive year, we participates in the awakening of consciences by proposing free exhibitions related to ecology ...

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Thank You !

We are pleased to announce that the Museum has been sollicited as one of your 5 favorites art places. It's a big news full of encouragements for us ...

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Art and Technology

The place of technology and its use and influence in art is a topic that has been debating for several decades, and even more since ...

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